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No-Work Zone! Here’s How to Really Unplug on Vacation

No-Work Zone! Here’s How to Really Unplug on Vacation

You know the type; she brags about vacationing in Paris, Bali, and London. She knows all the hotspots. And it’s true; she’s been. But while she went from the airport to the hotel, she barely left her room or unplugged from her phone — mainlining to her job back home. In fact, she worked the entire vacation! 


What’s the point? Taking a vacation is supposed to mean unwinding, taking it easy…partying all night.

But vacations today have morphed to become work vacations. And if you guessed these are anything but relaxing, you’re right. Studies prove it; women must take uninterrupted vacations that allow them to relax and rejuvenate or face critical burnout. 

The numbers don’t lie: Glassdoor reports that about 29% of employees have been contacted by a co-worker while on vacation, and 25% say they’ve been contacted by the boss — which of course requires answer. 

Researcher Randstad reports that about 53% of employers actually expect employees to be available while out.

Balancing family, work, community and civic obligations, make female executives and entrepreneurs particularly susceptible to burn out. Research has found that the more you make, the less likely you are to completely unplug on vacation. According to a LinkedIn survey, over 90% of those who earn more than $180,000 annually are in contact with their job or business while off from work.

Stay the course — meet with your boss before you embark on your much-deserved vaca. Outline expectations and set boundaries. 

Force your hand! Make sure everyone knows you are going to a retreat that offers zero cell service. Visit a resort that purposefully has no WiFi.

There’s good news on the employer side too – many corporations and organizations are now enforcing mandatory vacations and sabbaticals. The results have been impressive: happier, healthier employees, and stronger bottom lines.