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Which Bible Do You Read?… I Need A Copy!

Which Bible Do You Read?… I Need A Copy!

The imposing tanks and military planes flying over really scared me. I am “woke“ and deeply concerned. My belief that some generals, politicians, courts, or even smart republicans somewhere will keep our president in check was shaken when he went forward with the 4th of July parade. I am anxious and unnerved about the everyday signs that point to our country slipping backward.

I have written over 20 blog posts, only to stop in the middle and ask myself, is it really this bad?

Most troubling was a conversation I had with a Bible-toting, self-righteous, tambourine shaking, toe stomping really good friend of mine.

When discussing the kids on the border, she said, “God wants them to suffer so their parents can get their act together and not come here with drugs and crime,” and on and on. I thought perhaps she had forgotten her meds, so I calmly continued with “What are you teaching in Sunday school about this?” “Nothing,” She said proudly. “We’re not getting involved with his mess!”

I love a good debate, so I continued, “Don’t those that follow Jesus have an obligation not to sit back, quote the Bible and watch brown babies die on the border from lack of water and inhumane conditions in our own country? I must be reading a different Bible.” She rolled her eyes at me.

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I continued, “How could holier-than-thou, God-fearing Christians follow a man who cheated on three wives, referred to women as dogs, continues to disgrace us overseas, and eliminates regulations that affect everything from the food we eat to the water we drink?”

Now I watched the smoke come out of her ears, and I went all in. “As a Christian, I understand grace, forgiveness, and mercy, but how could Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham demonize others, while holding up their Bibles and ask millions to pray for his success?”

She snapped back, “Since you rarely attend church, and I know you don’t attend bible study, you don’t understand.” Wait, Boo… It’s on… did you just come for me?

“How can you, a follower of Jesus, attend a worship service getting your shout on and then go home and watch a rally where folk laugh at Pocahontas, so-called Mexican Rapists, Fake News, hero John McCain and a porn star President Trump claims is not his type?” I felt my voice rising at her, “Where is the scripture for that?” I demanded!

I stopped. She looked teary-eyed but remained defiant, “This is my choice. I am a Christian who understands that the good he is doing outweighs some of the hardships the fake news reports on.” I hugged her and said, “You have a right to your opinion and your vote. I would simply like to read a copy of your special version of the Bible, where Jesus turns his back on children, the sick, and less fortunate.” She playfully hit me with a napkin and remarked, “Just open the Bible you have and read it.” I replied, “Close the Bible you read and look around, Wake Up!”

I am Dunn Talking!

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