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Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

Odyssey Media’s Keys to Success is a unique program designed by women just like you who want to address the number one challenge that multicultural female business owners tend to face: access to capital. Odyssey Media deeply understands the inherent fear and apprehension that multicultural women, especially black women, can experience when pitching their businesses, negotiating with investors, and applying for credit lines or traditional loans.

This page features women who received coaching and mentoring from Odyssey Media and then went on to win past Odyssey pitch competitions. Learn what they are doing and how they have found success.

You can also click here to enter our current contest to be eligible to win $5000.

Tara Darling
Janel Young owner nava pets
Sonia King, odyssey media keys to success winner, babygirl clothes, Hola kids tshirt, colorful shirt
Kim Roxie Odyssey Keys to success winner
Tamara Turner’s Tasty Treats Business Is Thriving