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Tamara Turner’s Tasty Treats Business Is Thriving

Tamara Turner’s Tasty Treats Business Is Thriving

Odyssey women continue to do more than survive, we thrive, and our continued success is a very American story, especially for multicultural women. Despite overwhelming odds, we use grit and determination to stare down uphill battles every day that other business owners simply don’t face.

And we have a lot to show for it — we drive real economic growth in America.

Our Keys to Success community is the very essence of that success story. It’s time to check in with our recent award winners to get a behind-the-scenes look at how they have risen up in their leadership roles in their respective industries.

They are successful women who have the passion and the will to survive — and their stories provide uplifting inspiration to us all.

Meet Tamara Turner, first up in our spotlight. She’s the fiery CEO behind the success of Silver Spoon Desserts, a decadent dessert manufacturer that has taken the food service industry by storm. She won a whopping $25,000 in KTS prize money in 2018 to take her business to the next level — which she promptly plowed into new hires and expansion.

Odyssey recently caught up with her to discuss what she’s been up to since her Keys to Success win, her journey so far, and what advice she has for other multicultural women for successful entrepreneurship, especially during these times. She gives us a candid look behind the success of her Silver Spoon Desserts.

When asked about how she would best describe her journey, her response was quick: “Where we are today is a miracle!” she tells us. “We have one of the top selling desserts on 1800Flowers and 1800Baskets — and we have pending deals with Disney, Amtrak, American Airlines, United, Delta, and Edible Arrangements.”

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Her success couldn’t have happened at a better time — the U.S. workforce has been decimated by the pandemic, and Turner has been able to do her part. “We are truly blessed to be able to hire as many as 10 employees,” she says.

As for signs of future growth? “We have grown by 999%,” she beams. “And after three years in business, Silver Spoon has moved into its own production facility.”

Like most entrepreneurs, she has adapted to the post-pandemic reality and has seen her online presence flourish. “Our business has gone 100% online because everyone is shopping online…and our cakes are selling like hotcakes [pun intended].” Growth has been exponential:

“We started with 500 cakes per month a year ago,” she says with excitement, “and now we are at 3,500 per month.

Turner has amassed an engaged, loyal following — she says a lot of her business comes from referrals. It’s easy to believe — her creations are delicious; her passion, infectious.

But she’s also quick to give a shoutout to those along the way who helped nudge her business in the right direction: "I feel the greatest training I received from Keys to Success was the boost in my confidence. Going through the sessions made me believe that I was worth becoming successful." And that’s what it’s all about.

Her parting words are inspiration to us all: “Accept success with grace. Be humble, grateful, and generous of all that you achieve,” she says, adding “Give a hand to those in need.”

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