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I Need To Get To Florida… I Am Afraid To Fly

I Need To Get To Florida… I Am Afraid To Fly

I have not been down to my company headquarters in Florida in 4 months. I haven’t seen my employees, family or parents in 4 months. Working remotely is fine, but I really just want to go there and can’t figure out how. Complicating my decision to go, Palm Beach County, Florida is now a hot spot, and may be undercounting cases. Should I stay at a hotel so that I do not in any way expose my older parents after traveling? Most importantly, is it critical to travel now when we still meet daily through teleconferences?

We could drive, but it’s an 18 hour drive that would require an overnight stop. Not to mention, 18 hours on I-95 south is not a beautiful scenic route.

There is a car service in South Florida, which is now offering to take you door to door to the NYC Metro area. You can get anything from a town car to a minivan or bus. Too expensive.

We could take the train, but friends have warned me that you can only go as far as Orlando, private sleeper cars are expensive and small, and yikes, it takes almost as long as driving. Really worried about all the people coming in and out of the train.

Of course, flying is the best option but United Airlines and some others will not guarantee the middle seats will be empty. In fact, JetBlue is one of the few that will guarantee no middle seats are being sold.

A friend who is also trying to get to South Florida called and suggested a bunch of us get together and do a private ride share on a jet. Intriguing. It took them less than 24 hours to call back and say way too expensive and we all agreed, JetBlue here we come!

So how do we safely get to and through the airport and on the plane and not catch the virus? Click below to read the article I found, which helped ease my mind and fear of flying.

Thinking about Flying? Here’s What you need to know. Read the full article.

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