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The Ultimate Business Retreat

In May of 2019 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. In the beginning we understood that multicultural women at the top often serve as company mentors, the family rock, community advocates, care for elderly parents, mom-in-chiefs, all while climbing to the C suite, creating a new business or following their passion. Our business retreat offered them a chance to meet like-minded peers, let go, train, learn, improve their skill sets and most of all spend time on themselves. And the rest is history.

The Pilgrimage

There are participants who have never missed a year and many refer to the Odyssey Network Business Retreat as a pilgrimage, a life changing event where they are filled up.

Over the years, this business retreat has fostered million-dollar partnerships, long-lasting deep friendships, corporate sponsor awareness, career changes, and most important — inspired powerful women who focus on themselves.