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The Odyssey Network Business Retreat has garnered a reputation for presenting unique entertainers as speakers who understand the business and human side of who they are, to name a few: Gladys Knight, Holly Robinson Peete, Vanessa Williams, Mary Wilson, an original supreme and many others.

We also feature captains of industry like Rosalind Brewer, Jerri DeVard, Esi Bracey Eggleton, Pauline Brown, Sheila Johnson, and many more. And yes, 21 years later, no one doubts that women can focus on career mapping, manage chaos, create effective two-way communication and satisfy a bucket list activity like riding in a helicopter.

In addition to our engaging and meaningful discussions, we also offer a corporate bootcamp, afternoon activities, theme night dinners, and much more.

Below this is a list/visual of speakers from the past.

                                        Speakers Throughout the Years

All Odyssey Media Speakers throughout the year
All Odyssey Media Speakers throughout the year
All Odyssey day Speakers