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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Your business is doing OK, but you lack a strong social media presence…do flyers count?

So what’s the big deal?

Well, simply put, social media means big business — and it’s the key to energizing and even reshaping your bottom line. It’s hard to imagine a business today without some form of Facebook, LinkedIn Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter presence to keep it lively and engaged — and connected to consumers eager to buy.

But it doesn’t have to be an utterly daunting prospect. In fact, with just a few tools you can soon become social savvy and drive an insane amount of business to your door. After all, more than 3 billion people use social media to engage with family, friends, colleagues and businesses — a lot of potential customers you could be missing out on.

That’s why Donyshia Boston-Hill’s job is so important. And why she is featured in this week’s Tuesday Tip. Boston-Hill, CEO of Keeper of the Brand Marketing & Digital Agency, says most companies hold back on social media at their own peril. She should know — her company develops integrated marketing strategies for entertainment companies, government entities, sports organizations — you name it.

And she’s an Odyssey Circle member to boot — has been for six years running.

So let’s get to it. Here are her tips and strategies for dominating social media and getting your business noticed.

Pump Up Your Social Media Strategy

  1. Calendars — Apprise your readers of every business move you make. Use a social media scheduler — or — to actively engage with your customers to let them know who you are. Makes finding scheduling, managing — and simply dealing — with social media easier.
  2. Video, video, video — Harness the power of video in order to increase your reach and build your presence through Facebook and YouTube. Video provides updates about your products or services, and adds a face to a business or product. Try a 15-30 minute video weekly, or at least monthly.
  3. Social media interaction — Liking and sharing in content across all platforms is critical. Wherever you can — including LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Once you start liking others, they’ll be quick to like you back. And you’ll be positioning yourself as a trusted influencer and — considered an expert in your industry.
  4. Go to where your customers are — If you notice your customers are on LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook…wherever and interacting where their customers are. In doing so, you will need to embrace new technology. Utilizing apps and working smarter and building their social media team, interns, virtual interns who can help them build their content if not once a week at least a month. Interns can assist them with the implementation of their overall social media strategy
  5. Focus on building a community — Once you get going, cull your audience on your site and layout your mission. Once people like, trust, and believe in your brand, they are more likely to refer, click, and buy from you. It’s called developing organically; and once you do, say hello to a whole new business model.