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Bucket-List Business Side Trip — the Ultimate Vacation

Bucket-List Business Side Trip — the Ultimate Vacation

Chances are, you have a bucket list loaded with the must-see places you would love to travel to at least once in your life. Incredible destinations — the stuff of dreams.

Ever since it became a thing, people have been coming up with ever-creative ways to make these dreams happen.

One way is to slip away when you are traveling for work.  

One Odyssey member did just that. She was able to turn a business trip into an African safari after hearing about another member’s incredible African journey while on her honeymoon. It turned out to be a honeymoon that was life-changing and mesmerizing. But the trip was expensive — and it was a long 18-hour flight from New York.

But she was smitten by the details of the honeymoon. And bucket lists being bucket lists, she decided she would make it happen.  And when she was asked to go to Europe to help facilitate a meeting for her company, she knew she had found a way..  

Destination Africa

Here’s how she did it — and how you can too.

Most corporations now use travel agencies with strict guidelines.  She adhered to company policy by doing a round trip to Europe but simply extended the return date for over a week.  She then booked her own round trip flights to Africa from Europe. It cost much less, and there was no conflict of interest or violation of company policy. 

And she was not disappointed. How could she be? Riding in a Jeep while exotic wildlife raced alongside; lodging second to none, with views of Ngorongora Gora, the massive crater called the birthplace of mankind; visits with indigenous peoples. She danced with the Maasai and visited spice farms and witnessed the magic of Muslims being called to prayer in Zanzibar.

She marveled at the animals in the crater — she witnessed a group of lionesses take down a water buffalo in perfect synchronization while two other lionesses guarded their cubs.  

Granted, 18 hours is a long flight, but by stopping back in Europe, she broke up the flight and took the Eurostar to see Paris before heading home. The entire trip, including the business segment, lasted 10 days. She said, “I returned rejuvenated, relaxed, and feeling like I had a life changing experience.” 

It’s an exciting thought and it could be a possibility for you — do you have travel on your work schedule? Where are you going and what is on that bucket list?