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Say Their Names… Loudly!

Say Their Names… Loudly!

George Floyd: Son, Father, Brother, Friend, Gentle Giant. Odyssey Media mourns your tragic death and we stand proudly with those who seek justice in your name. We salute the peaceful protestors who demand that Minneapolis, MN and the people of our great nation do something now! We deplore agitators and paid disruptors who are burning down our communities and we want to do whatever necessary to help you rebuild.

Romina Ashraf: Daughter, Sister, Partner. Women around the world are in pain and we mourn your senseless death. You died at the age of 14 at the hands of your father who brutally murdered you in the name of honor killing. And though you fought hard and escaped, you were returned to your family where your demise was almost certain. We employ the United Nations to continue to protect women like you and help guide Princess Basmah of Saudi Arabia, and others to safety.

Black Lives Matter Protests

Lorena Breen, Doctor, Daughter, Friend, Advocate. Chair of the emergency medicine department at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, died of self-inflicted injuries. She ran to the frontline and even after contracting the virus she recovered and kept treating patients. Before there was enough protective gear, masks and hospital beds, you were there. The sight of patients flooding her hospital and sometimes dying before they could be removed from the ambulances proved to be too much. God we pray our leadership is ready for the next outbreak and that we will not lose any more frontline soldiers.

Jordan Davis, Teenager, Son, Friend. Shot and killed at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida in 2012 when a white man objected to the volume of music in the car Jordan was in. His death transcended his mom’s life. She went from Flight Attendant to Congresswoman and has become known as a kick ass gun advocate. We understand, no matter how successful her political career, nothing will ever bring her son back. Congresswoman Lucy McBath, we wish you God’s speed and mercy as you continue to positively impact our community.

Linda Spradley Dunn – Aunt of 6 Young Black Men, Daughter of a Black Man, Sister of a Black Man, Wife of a Black Man, Cousin of 31 Black men… Gentle Giants, Funny, Smart, Talented, Adventurous, Military, Pastors and so much more. God please watch over them and all of those around the world who are struggling with peace at this time. I am Dunn Talking.

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