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Private Gatherings

Private Gatherings

Salon Dinners are an exciting, original concept by Odyssey Media — designed for a more personal, intimate setting. They’re a small gathering (think 20, 25 women) and they have a centralized focal point: They can be cover issues pertinent to pipeline executives, attorneys, HR executives, or just about any other group.

They can also be theme-based, spotlighting topics such as women’s initiatives. Best of all, Salon Dinners offer private conversations spurring meaningful dialogue on the myriad issues facing multicultural women.

And they’re hosted by industry giants, leading the way for poignant discussion on women’s issues. Last year on Oct. 22, in New York City, one such gathering was hosted by Google.

A space for women to communicate open and freely.

We’ll be announcing all the exciting upcoming events in this space, so be sure to check back often.