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President Trumps Continues to Trail in Key States After Poor Debate

President Trumps Continues to Trail in Key States After Poor Debate

According to a recent New York Times poll, President Trump continues to trail Vice President Joe Biden in both Florida and Pennsylvania, two states crucial in his bid for reelection. Biden's lead was bolstered by the president's poor debate performance, in which many viewed his constant interruptions as a negative. Both states prove to be vital in winning the White House, as the president won both in 2016, as did former President Barack Obama in 2012.

Over half of those surveyed in both states said they disapproved of the job Trump is doing as president, with more than half also saying that watching the debate caused them to support his candidacy less than before.

This trend is not limited to Florida and Pennsylvania, as a recent USA Today poll confirmed that Vice President Biden leads President Trump in 10 of 11 swing states surveyed.

While the election is still weeks away, it's clear that this news is foreboding to the president's efforts, and he will have to make up significant ground if he hopes to win reelection.

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