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Meghan Markle’s Baby and the Ginger Afro

Meghan Markle’s Baby and the Ginger Afro

I happened to be in London at an Odyssey event during Megan Markle’s pregnancy. Sitting in the speaker green room, the conversation quickly turned into an excited guessing game of “boy or girl.” Fair skin or a touch of color? And most importantly: hair type.

Between the champagne, laughter, and absolute love for Megan being the first black princess, one of the stylists yelled out, “He or she will have a ginger afro, and they will live happily ever after!” Everyone agreed, and toasted. Megan has naturally curly hair; Harry has coarse red hair, so it stood to reason baby Archie as we know him now, would have a rare ginger afro that would make us all proud.

Hair color and skin tone are so important to much of the world, that Megan smartly covered baby Archie’s head in the first pictures because so many were waiting to judge him on how much chocolate he displayed, and whether he would be born with tight curly hair. She knew — and we know — these issues become the pinnacles of racism.

The Bubble Bursts

There is no evidence of a ginger afro, they renounced their titles, and the couple were run out of the UK with ugly racist media attacks, internet trolls, and the realization that royal tradition and duty can sometimes outweigh happiness, peace, and common sense. 

Let us not forget that Harry and his brother watched their mother, Princess Diana, suffer through crying jags, depression, vicious gossip, and a downward spiral that ended in a fatal car crash after being chased by paparazzi.

Harry, through his actions and words, has signaled to the world that this will not happen to his wife or family and that he would sue the media, move to another country, and give back public funding!

To those who say that Megan and Harry should display a stiff upper lip and ignore it all: Go to hell!

Those in the media labeled her baby a chimpanzee, they implied Harry would be marrying a gangster girl and they encouraged her grifter father and ne’er-do-well step family to torture her during her wedding. Her dad and his crew cut up, acted like fools, and tried to shame her. It didn’t work; the beautiful couple married, and the world rejoiced. Their marriage revitalized the royals, modernized its brand, and gave hope to millions of girls of all races — they too could become princesses.

Don’t believe the racism was that bad? The New York Times summed it up best with this one headline: “Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out.”  The article cites the mind-numbing examples we’ve all seen.

The article cites the mind-numbing examples we’ve all seen:

  • BBC host Danny Barker contemptuously tweeted a photo of a couple holding a chimpanzee with the caption, “Royal Baby Leaves Hospital.”
  • The Daily Mail’s insolent slap: “Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton.”
  • Another Daily Mail disgrace: One article claimed Markle has “exotic DNA.”

Harry and Meghan face a tough road as they transition, but they will soar and that’s what scares the haters and critics. They have completely different backgrounds, genuinely fell in love, started a family, committed themselves to everything from the Invictus Games to empowering girls and are beloved around the world…  

I Am Dunn Talking!

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