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Odyssey Network Business Retreat 2021

Odyssey Network Business Retreat 2021

The stage is set for this year’s Odyssey Network Business Retreat, which includes thought-provoking keynotes, business panels, and breakout sessions. Evenings will come to life with our legendary networking theme dinners.

Cultural Dancing

Monday evening…MOVE.
Attire: Island chic with a pop of red!

For more than 125 years, Coca-Cola has been refreshing the world. Their bold and decisive moves catapulted one iconic drink to a world-class brand that is synonymous with helping people into better environments so that they may thrive. Odyssey Media salutes The Coca-Cola Company for its focus on everything from the environment to empowering women entrepreneurs and its steadfast commitment to keep moving.

Reserved Restaurant Table

Tuesday evening…SOAR.
Attire: Elegant white!

In 1968, Intel burst onto the scene with innovative ideas and technology that would later change the world! As a powerful brand, they have brought worldwide attention to gender pay equity, the environment, and spent over $100 million on women-owned businesses. Intel’s investment in digital literacy, has helped empower 5 million women in sub-Sahara Africa, fund HBCU STEM programs, and encourage women all over the world to overcome insurmountable barriers and SOAR. 

Planet With Rings Eclipsing a Solar Star

Wednesday evening…PIVOT.
Attire: Beyond jeans...bling it, jewel it, slay it!

From the Google Quantum Dream Machine to artificial intelligence to everyday tools and services, Google knows how to pivot. Like the stargazers throughout history who saw no boundaries, Google is committed to employees and clients who dream of what can be. The art of the pivot is the ability to change direction with dexterity. Odyssey Media salutes Google as it constantly pivots and dreams of ways to enhance our lives with its innovative technology — and unleashes the stargazer in each of us. 

White Sail Boat

Thursday morning…SAIL.
Attire: Nautical blue and white.

The word sailing conjures up white clouds, blue skies, crystal clear waters, and the ability to unplug. Some of our best creativity happens when we sail away from unrealistic expectations and self imposed high standards. Whether you sail away physically on the water, emotionally in your favorite chair, or escape with a group of friends, the most amazing breakthroughs happen when you simply unplug, empty your mind, and sail.