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Odyssey Media Remembers Dr. Barbara King and “The Speech”

Odyssey Media Remembers Dr. Barbara King and “The Speech”

She stood over 6 feet tall with a voice and presence that commanded attention. Odyssey women nicknamed her “The Oracle.” When she spoke everyone listened.

She attended our inaugural Odyssey Network event in Palm Desert, California in May of 2000. She wowed the crowd with an unexpected sermon on how women, especially black women should treat each other. It was my first event and I personally internalized every comment, mistake, and mishap. I was a wreck. She noticed, and out of nowhere came this huge hug. She said simply, “I got this!”

Her heartfelt words later became known as “The Speech.”

Together with my mom, Reverend Spradley, and Bishop Vashti Mckenzie, they set the tone for what became known as acceptable behavior when you are in the company of your sisters. The Reverend Dr. Barbara King appeared at Odyssey events as an icon for many years afterwards.

Dr. Barbara King with Maya Angelou and Susan Taylor with At&t

She was affectionately known as Dr. Barbara and at the age of 90 she passed away in her home on Sunday October 11, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, she amassed a reputation as a straight-talking religious trailblazer, an engaging educator, and an amazing author. After being told she could never be a pastor, she founded the Barbara King School of Ministry in 1971 and the rest is history.

Odyssey women often sought her out personally after she appeared in May of 2000. She quietly guided and advised some of our top talent in Corporate America today.

Rest in Love and Peace Dr. Barbara; spiritual warrior, leader, sister, advisor, educator, and most importantly, friend. I will miss you.

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To celebrate the life of Dr. Barbara we invite you to visit Odyssey Media’s facebook page to share your fondest memories in the comments. 

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