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Reel Talk With Dr. Nat Irvin: The Next 100 Years

Reel Talk With Dr. Nat Irvin: The Next 100 Years

Noted Black American futurist Dr. Nat Irvin is passionate about the next 100 years. He examines the possibility of COVID 24, 28 and 34. He warns that international travel, our food supply chains, racist health care policies and lack of understanding of global pandemics could lead to catastrophic human tragedy. Nat however is optimistic. He tells Odyssey times like these call for creative innovations – businesses to rise to the challenge.

Dr. Irvin — author, innovator, teacher, and future-thinker — teaches graduate courses in the future of management, leadership, and teambuilding, at the University of Louisville, College of Business, in Kentucky. In addition he serves as assistant dean of thought leadership and civic engagement.

Odyssey Media launches its inaugural Reel Talk Series online with a 2-part conversation featuring Dr. Irvin. As usual he is riveting and the highlight of his discussion included; the history of pandemics, workplace surveillance for teleworkers and much more.

We feel lucky to kick off our series with the inspirational Nat as he is affectionately known. Nat has been a featured speaker of the TED Talks web conferences, and has brought his special brand of forward-thinking to The New York Times, The BBC, Christian Science Monitor, ABC News, and Essence Magazine.

Odyssey’s Reel Talk webinar series launched June 11th at 7Pm EST/4pm PT.

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