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Shontra Powell- Hear Her Truths

Shontra Powell- Hear Her Truths

Shontra blew our audience away with her heartfelt presentation on leadership. She is known for her book, “Proven Not Perfect: The 7 Truths of a Corporate Executive, Mommy, Wife and Christian.” It is encouraging and inspirational for those who are driven to live their best life, while balancing multiple roles. It will provide women with peace in the knowledge that we are not alone in getting things wrong before learning how to get it right, and that it is okay.

Her favorite quote, “Be humble, but don’t misunderstand that humility should not compromise your presence, position, and impact. Acknowledge your unique attributes” was celebrated by the audience.

She spoke honestly about the point in her life when she was successful at her job but not as a mom.

Watch the video below to relive the magic of her presentation.

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