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Black America & Guns

Black America & Guns

I can’t put on my business face today. I can’t watch the news or the videos of black men being shot. My father was a policeman during the turbulent ‘60s and my heart weeps for the loss of five policemen and the pain their families must be feeling. 

I am so very tired and I constantly worry about my father, husband, and all the black and brown men who now drive and walk in fear.  With all my training, education and skills, I don’t know what to do, and I am scared. 

I no longer feel that a petition, protest march, blog, livestream video, or anything will have a long-lasting effect and bring about any change until we face the realities of gun violence in our country. Congress quickly created five different committees in one day to keep the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal alive after she was cleared, and yet there has not been one hearing on gun violence and Congressman Paul Ryan is afraid to hold a vote.

Social media has brought gun violence to life in a way that jolts you into an uncomfortable reality. Videos portraying the indelible images of the gun are etched in my mind and I can’t shake it: a man being shot in front of a four-year-old, a man pinned down and shot like a dog, policemen being shot like sitting ducks in a pond. I want to scream this morning, Somebody, somewhere, wake up and do something! 

At the root of all three incidents over the last 48 hours in America are guns in the wrong hands. Trigger-happy policemen with no diversity training and little regard for black lives are armed with guns and are walking time bombs. 

Crazy, insane, open-carry laws that allow people to purchase weapons over the Internet and gun shows with no background checks have fueled fringe elements stockpiling for race wars. Powerful, rapid-fire, military-style, police armor-piercing guns sold to anyone with a driver’s license who could be terrorists, mentally ill or domestic abusers are turning our beautiful country into a shoot-em-up, ask-questions-later OK Corral.

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