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Linda Clemons – Body Language Expert

Linda Clemons – Body Language Expert

Linda Clemons is one of the most respected sales and body language experts in the world today. She is the CEO of Sisterpreneur, Inc., an international business organization to empower and enrich women entrepreneurs.

Her extensive mastery of non-verbal communication has assisted many individuals in achieving personal and professional success.

Hear what Linda said about reading non-verbal cues globally during Odyssey Day 2020 Re - Assess.

Here are 5 Great Tips:

  1. Proximity/Space - It is vital when traveling and conducting business around the world that you pay close attention to others as they engage in conversation. People value their space.
  2. Watch the face and eyes for congruency with words, tone and nonverbal. Expressions should match the emotions.
  3. Hand gestures - Always observe the hands of whoever you are speaking with. Watch for folded arms or restriction. A small gesture can have both a positive and negative meaning.
  4. Watch arms and feet positioning along with posture.
  5. Mirroring - Appropriate body language in most cultures allow you to shadow what you see which helps in building rapport. The goal when traveling and communicating globally you want to blend in and not stand out.

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