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Tara Darnley Creates First Black Baby Registry

Tara Darnley Creates First Black Baby Registry

Keys to Success winner Tara Darnley sums up her life’s calling with inspirational reflection. “Stay the course, and trust the process,” she tells us. And stay the course she did.

After a rocky start, eventually, she and her husband Carl scraped up enough funds to launch Darlyng & Co., a baby products brand that offers “functional, toxic-free” wares that are “sourced from high-quality materials” to give parents one less thing to worry about when choosing items for their babies. 

Her journey began when she realized her newborn daughter could not hold any type of soother when she began teething at 2 months. With necessity being the mother of invention, and Tara, being a persistent mother of that necessity, the idea of the Yummy Teething Mitten was born. 

And the idea for a company took off.

She’s since been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, and the company’s products have appeared in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine, Essence, Black Enterprise, and Marie Claire.

Her loyal customers can’t get enough of’s diaper bags, teething mittens, wooden teethers, suction bowls, sippy cups, toothbrush, toys, and the dizzying array of head ties, onesies, and other items. 

She proudly tells us she has the “first black-owned baby registry that allows parents to create and curate their registry with products that are 100% black-owned and designed.” 

And she says her pitch-contest win in 2018 was a game-changer at the time, as she was able to plow her winnings into much-needed inventory.  

She’s excited about what lies ahead for Darlyng & Co., but she says she will always be grateful for the training and sisterhood she experienced at Odyssey, where she learned to dream big.  “If you are a big dreamer and innovator, many will not see or fully understand your vision…either way, don’t be afraid to challenge the norm.” 

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