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Keys to Success Winner Sonia Kang: Inclusion Is in Fashion

Keys to Success Winner Sonia Kang: Inclusion Is in Fashion

If you ask Sonia Kang what is the best business advice for multicultural women, she’s quick with a response: “Find what it is that you love doing beyond all else — and create a business plan that allows that passion to happen.”

She should know. She’s the owner of Mixed Up Clothing, which explores fashion through a multicultural lens. Clothing that is an explosion of culture and design.

And that’s the drive behind the Keys to Success community. We help women find what fires up their imagination and encourage them to achieve their dreams.

Kang was a KTS contest winner back in 2017 and she says the money couldn’t have come at a better time. “We used the KTS prize money to design and manufacture the upcoming season’s collection,” she tells us, which helped launch the next phase in business for her.

When Odyssey caught up with her to find out what she’s been up to since, she was busy planning facemasks that would be a multicultural celebration for each individual.

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She drew upon her critical-care nursing experience to design masks with a purpose: “We get our strength from our culture and what better way than to have our culture reflected in the face masks we wear,” she says. “As a critical care RN and fashion designer, I was in the unique position to draw from both skill sets and follow CDC guidelines in designing our Mixed Up Clothing facemasks.”

Mixed Up does much more than masks, of course. It’s a clothing line dedicated to the entire family — with a focus on the individual — with diversity and inclusion as key elements of its designs. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, multicultural shopping experience, check out what she has to offer at Click here for this month’s Hispanic Heritage clothing selection.

Kang says she will never forget her KTS experience — sisters helping sisters was just the spark she needed, especially when it came to finances. “The time spent with experts from the KTS team was just invaluable,” she tells us, adding, “[Odyssey CFO Valerie] Beal had us really know our financial numbers, which ultimately prepared us for investment meetings.”

We salute Sonia Kang, and wish her continued success with her “Mixed Up” business model.

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