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Keys to Success Winner Janel Young

Keys to Success Winner Janel Young

Your Pets Deserve Hemp Relief Too

When Janel Young, owner of Nava Pets, an organic line of pet products, saw her beloved poodle Maxie suffer terrible skin allergies from a flea shampoo, she knew there had to be a better way. 

So she set out to make her own — naturally. 

That treatment became the hallmark of her success. But she didn’t stop there: Now, her organic products run the gamut from flea shampoos to food to treats.  

And when she won Odyssey’s Keys to Success contest, she knew right away where the prize money would go. “When we won the competition, we used those funds to increase our inventory,” she says, grateful for the much-needed boost at a time when her fledgling business was really taking off.

Nava Pets has become the standard of success due to its healthy, effective products with ingredients like lavender, carob, and hemp. Yes, that hemp. She says studies show hemp may help with anxiety, arthritis, and even joint and muscle problems in animals.   

Thanks to her success, Nava Pets now sells thousands of quality, natural pet products each month through retail giants like Walmart and also through its website

Young’s strong, satisfied customer base — discouraged with the many products they saw made in China — are happy her products are “made in the USA.” 

“I really wanted to know where the ingredients were coming from, what is the source,” she tells Odyssey. “Every time we created a product, it was like one I wanted to put on my own pet, and I wanted that quality.”  

Janel Young, like every member of the KTS community, has her own passion and style of reaching her goals. But all of our members have one thing in common: The shared success of multicultural women in business. 

And they continue to encourage others — a shared code of “reach one, teach one.” “We all have something to share,” Young says. “The Odyssey experience opened my eyes to making connections to other minority business people. Odyssey’s passion and commitment to help other minority women forever changed my life. “

We salute Janel Young — and all the fearless women of the KTS community — on her continued success journey.

Linda Dunn with Janel Young Expanding your Business, Pet Treat Buisnes
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