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Biden’s Electoral College Lead Brings Little Comfort to Democrats

Biden’s Electoral College Lead Brings Little Comfort to Democrats

While Joe Biden has taken the lead in most Electoral College map predictions, Democrats are still vigilant in their drive to encourage registered individuals to vote. Experts are pointing to the distinct similarities between current predictions and 2016 models as proof that appearances may be deceiving.

In 2016, many believed that Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hilary Clinton was well on her way to winning the White House. In fact, many models showed her comfortably ahead of then-newcomer Donald Trump's anti-establishment movement. As votes were tallied on election night though, reality painted a different picture: despite all evidence to the contrary, now President Trump was able to pull off an upset which left many shocked and stunned.

With less than two weeks until the election, many Democratic leaders are continuing to press the issue, leading to record campaign spending. According to CNBC "spending in the 2020 election is expected to reach $10.8 billion, a record-shattering amount," with 54% of that coming from "Democratic candidates and affiliated committees."

While the many unsolicited calls, texts, mailings, television ads, and other forms of political advertisements may seem overwhelming to some, there is little wonder why both political campaigns are reluctant to concede. They learned four years ago, and in other elections past, that victory and defeat cannot be assumed until the final votes are tallied.

The messaging is not going unheard, as many are taking the opportunity to participate in early voting. Michael McDonald, a University of Florida political scientist points out that “roughly 10 times as many people have voted compared with this point in 2016.” While there are reports of many standing in line for hours to cast their votes, others have decided to vote by mail, despite President Trump’s unfounded attempts to discredit the process.

“So far the turnout has been lopsided, with Democrats outvoting Republicans by a 2-1 ratio in the 42 states included in The Associated Press count.” This may bode well for those Democrats fearing an election night letdown like the one experienced in 2016. If the trend remains consistent, and should pre-emptive polling will prove accurate, Joe Biden will in fact prevent a replay of 2016 and win enough electoral college votes to take the White House.

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