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Odyssey Media Congratulates Kamala Harris

Odyssey Media Congratulates Kamala Harris

Odyssey Announces A Get Out the Vote Program

The Angels are rejoicing. We knew this day would come on the backs and prayers of grandmothers, mothers, godmothers, and aunties, who sacrificed everything to get us to this moment in history. They picked cotton, cleaned houses, nursed other people’s children, taught school, cooked for everyone and did it all in the name of sacrificing so that the next generation could achieve more than they ever dreamed of. You can hear the words “Kamala Harris” as these angels rejoice as they did when Barack Obama won the presidency. Our twitter feeds, texts, and emails are blowing up with pride and excitement. Odyssey Media is proud to send heartfelt congratulations to Senator Kamala Harris who will undoubtedly become our first Black Female Vice President of the United States of America. Now, let’s get to work.

A few weeks ago, we began to think about what contribution we could make. There will be a lot of bundlers, fundraising parties and celebrations, but first, we must win. The focus must be on getting her and former Vice President Biden elected. Voter suppression is in high gear and those of us who can do must do. Restructuring the post office, eliminating voting locations and purging folk off the voter registration rolls are the 3 things we must monitor at every turn and in every city and state.

Odyssey Media is proud to announce our voter information squads. We are focused on educating and helping seniors who live in coronavirus hot spots to get their votes counted. Representative Clyburn nailed it when he told us to focus on voting 30 days before November 3. He has labeled October: Voting Month. We should anticipate long lines, inclement weather, and craziness of every kind.

We need to break it down district by district, street by street the way President Obama did and educate our seniors on absentee-ballot deadlines, mail in deadlines, how to sign and provide them with postage. We need to increase our rides to the polls for early voting and formulate our plan for election day voting. Regardless of party affiliation we need to help all seniors and especially Black seniors.

We cannot take anything for granted. Biden and Harris could win by 6 million votes and still lose the electoral college. So, let’s go! Email us at and let us know if you are willing to roll up your sleeves to educate and inform seniors in your community.

We are starting in Florida and Georgia and quickly branching out. 82 days and counting… I know we can honor the angels and assist those like John Lewis who marched, prayed and demonstrated for the right to vote. I am Dunn Talking.

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