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Proud to Participate in Unilever’s Day of Service

Proud to Participate in Unilever’s Day of Service

Odyssey Media is proud to support United for America and Unilever in the First Annual Day of Service. Make no mistake, we at Odyssey are living with uncertainty and are often overwhelmed with the amount of information being consumed; everything from reopening our physical office to the future of vaccines. And yet, that does not stop us from reaching out and caring a great deal about those in our community that deal with food insecurities and gig vendors who are constantly looking for ways to stay afloat. We care deeply about our employees, our community and those who have helped us become a success over the years.

Odyssey has given advice, shared tips, tools and strategies with our gig partners on what we have learned and have personally done to survive and thrive during these challenging times. We are currently volunteering on a weekly basis at local food banks and food pantries in underserved communities.

On this day of service, we are helping to open food pantries in communities of color. The proximity of a food bank is extremely important and our VP of Community Affairs is finding locations that are closer to people’s homes to distribute food. We are reaching out to even more of our gig vendors to pre-pay any deposits that we can for upcoming services as the country opens back up.

We are extremely proud to partner with Unilever. They have always been authentic in their approach to serving our community. From their commercial showing the imprint a mask can make on your face to the distribution of essential products folks need to stay safe.

To get involved click here.

Unilever United for America Food Donations