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Greg Morley: Building Global Teams

Greg Morley: Building Global Teams

Greg Morley wears many hats. On one hand, he is the Regional Director of Human Resources Asia Pacific for Moët Hennessy, a division of LVMH, where he leads the HR function for the company’s operations across the region. In addition to that, Greg has also recently assumed global leadership for Moët Hennessey’s strategies to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization as its Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion.

Moët Hennessy’s commitment to be the leader in luxury wines and spirits from nature to communities focuses the organization’s aspirations on making a positive impact internally and externally. Greg's enthusiasm for his roles is apparent, as he states: “To be part of an organization with such iconic and loved brands, that bring people together in special moments, and during a time of real cultural change has been the opportunity of a lifetime.”

During our Odyssey Day 2020 event, Greg was interviewed by veteran journalist Arthel Neville. When asked to describe his personal and managerial styles in relation to the brands his company manages, Greg described himself as champagne. He felt his ability to fit in with those around him regardless of social class, and his genuine personality has helped him maintain the flexibility necessary to have a global career.

Prior to joining Moët Hennessy, Greg was Vice President, Human Resources Asia Pacific for Hasbro, Inc., where he also led Global Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition, and Employee engagement. Prior to joining Hasbro, Greg served as Vice President, Human Resources for the Shanghai Disney Resort based in Shanghai. He has been based in Hong Kong, Paris, and the US for Disney. “Each time I enter a Disney theme park, feels like I recall vividly the perspective of a kid who first walked down Main Street in Disneyland at the age of 10,” recalls Greg.

Greg also plays a leading role in the team that worked to bring Gay Games, a 12,000 participant sports, culture, and diversity event to Hong Kong, for the first time in its 40 years history. Greg is a board member of the Simmons University Center for Inclusive Leadership and an active coach and mentor for students at several universities in Hong Kong.

When discussing the impact of COVID-19 and a world-wide uprising for social justice and equality that seemed to permeate much of 2020, Greg was asked whether the current climate would propel the need for diverse teams, or create an adverse reaction. His response was insightful, as he pointed out that the current virtual workplace can be advantageous in many ways. "Because of the physical barriers that exist within our companies, this COVID situation has accelerated people's ability to have a voice."

He continued: "What I've seen coming out of this situation is that people are not willing to settle, to go back to what they had before. They're not willing to go back to 'I'm going to work 9 to 5 in the office.' They're not willing to go back to not having accessibility to their bosses and senior management. I think it's actually going to accelerate change, accelerate inclusion, and...bring more equity to the workplace."

As an organization, LVMH has worked to increase advocacy for women of color to propel them to management roles in the organization. When asked about basic tools women need in order to pursue a job on the international front. He responded that "the greatest unknown is that not that many people want to do it. This is the opportunity now, is that it's an unstable environment. But people that can put themselves out there, that can take a risk, will thrive in this environment."

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