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Global Career Opportunities

Global Career Opportunities

During Odyssey Day 2020, Tawana Murphy Burnett, who leads a Global Clients and Categories team for Facebook Asia-Pacific, discussed how a willingness to explore global opportunities can lead to career advancement.

After years of leading teams and brands that had an international footprint, Tawana became familiar with what it took to build and establish teams in different parts of the world. The seeds of her transition overseas were planted when her roles at Facebook allowed her to travel and do business abroad while remaining based in the United States. When she reached a point when it became clear that the career growth she sought was more readily available internationally, Tawana and her family decided to take the leap.

Tawana encouraged viewers to "expand the options and the choices that you've put on the table for yourself," and be open to where the journey takes you. While she is currently based in Singapore, she made it clear that it was not necessarily the country they had envisioned ending up in, it was her willingness to be flexible and open to opportunities that led her to take the assignment. She emphasized that considering opportunities that lie two or three steps ahead and communicating that with decision-makers, is vital to putting yourself in a position to be thought about when the ideal opportunity arises.

She also stressed the importance of having the right conversations within your home to ensure that you have the proper support system there as well as in your organization.

Tawana closed by pointing out that "it's in the small moments that we are experiencing culture, life, diversity, and growth in ways that we could never have anticipated," reiterating the value that international experiences have added to her and her family's lives.

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