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Female Representation in Auto Industry

Female Representation in Auto Industry

It is well known that the auto repair industry has long been rife with biases and discrimination against women. From being charged more for repairs, to under-representation within the job market itself, women have historically had a difficult time approaching the subject, let alone gaining the knowledge necessary to level the playing field. Enter Girl Gang Garage: a shop located in Phoenix, Arizona, with the mission to "empower, educate, and encourage women to explore skilled trade opportunities within the automotive industry." Operating with the goal of creating a safe space for women to learn the skills of the trade, founders Sarah 'Bogi' Lateiner and Shawnda Williams offer their all-female classes opportunities that range from restoring classic car builds, to changing tires and windshield wipers. With women coming from all over the country to participate, it seems as if these ladies are well on their way to breaking down industry barriers.

To Learn More Visit: Girl Gang Garage.

girl Gang garage, arah 'Bogi' Lateiner and Shawnda Williams
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