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Don’t Tell Serena Williams How to Act!

Don’t Tell Serena Williams How to Act!

Listen up! Unless you have been drug tested more than any other athlete, picked on because of your hair, clothes, looks and father‘s behavior – don’t preach to me about how Serena should have acted!

Unless you have been blackballed because you dared to stand up and use your popularity to bring attention to the injustices that many Black men face – don’t talk to me about Colin Kaepernick. 

And most importantly, unless you have been elected President of the United States, can withstand people calling you monkey, ignore Jan Brewer pointing her finger in your face, endure a birther campaign, have the Senate block your judges and Supreme Court picks because you nominated them, or have people constantly question your intelligence even though you are a constitutional expert that attended Harvard – don’t even think about discussing what President Obama should have done.

I felt Serena’s actions and emotions had less to do with that day and more to do with years of racism, criticism, and pushing down her emotions. It is impossible for others to understand the buildup… unless you have been there. Whether it’s politics, business or sports – sometimes you’re just tired of being “The Nice, Polite, Good Black”.

Yeah I know, Serena broke the rules. Bump the rules, sometimes, you just gotta holler! You want to snatch somebody by the neck– and tell them the day is not the day to mess with me. I have pushed down everyday sexism, overt racism and stereotypes. So, Mr. Referee, Ms. Boss-Lady, Clever Colleague and Crazy Neighbor: Not today.

When Laura Ingraham of Fox News told Lebron James to “Shut-Up and Dribble”, it wasn’t a dog whistle, it was a bullhorn. She deemed he was not qualified to discuss politics because he is a high school dropout who is paid to play ball. She expressed what some feel: Blacks who overachieve should be happy with the money they are making, and basically shut up and stay in their place. Laura’s entitled life has made her feel comfortable telling America who can speak on politics and who our role models should be. While she makes millions spewing hate, Lebron is building schools and speaking out on social injustice.

Okay – I’m mad this morning, watching others tell President Obama, Lebron James, Serena Williams, and millions of other Blacks how we should act. Oh no! I am not supposed to get mad, I am a “Good Black”, I am supposed to just be concerned …the hell with it, I am mad and Dunn Talking!

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