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Change the World with a Global Assignment

Change the World with a Global Assignment

Janeen relayed to us during Odyssey Day that while growing up she would constantly tell her father how she planned to change the world! She went on to share how she feels her curiosity and willingness to go to great extents to solve problems has contributed to her success.

Janeen Uzzell is the Chief Operating Officer for the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that supports and hosts Wikipedia (the #5 website in the world), and several other Wikimedia free knowledge sites. Every month, the Wikimedia sites are accessed by nearly 1.5 billion unique devices and in nearly 300 languages.

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, USA, Janeen joined the Foundation in early 2019. Prior to joining the Foundation, she was head of Women in Technology at General Electric (GE), where she worked with the company’s global CEOs to improve and cultivate a culture across their workforce of 300,000 employees which accelerated the number of women in technical roles. Janeen has nearly two decades of experience implementing the design and use of technology to drive impact on global outcomes.

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