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Babies on the way – Love Can’t Wait

Babies on the way – Love Can’t Wait

When a baby is on the way the excitement extends far beyond the expectant mothers and fathers-to-be. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends can’t wait to meet your new bundle of joy, and love the opportunity to shower you with gifts, affection, and advice.

The limitations of the quarantine and social distancing have put a lot of things on hold, but just because you can’t have a large gathering doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Whether you decide to downsize or get creative it’s still an amazing occasion.

Some expecting mothers are having virtual baby showers. While the obvious downside is the lack of in-person interaction, one up-side is that family members who would have otherwise been unable to attend now have an opportunity to participate. Relatives from other states and even other countries can now take part in virtual events. Even the games most commonly associated with baby showers have taken on a new virtual life; some of which have proven incredibly entertaining. Add that to the ability to watch gifts being opened and the ability for extended family to reconnect, and virtual baby showers are a valid alternative.

Those choosing to continue holding in-person showers can do so in a safe manner by exploring additional options such as a staggered shower with rotating guests and arrival times. Another more intimate option is a “sprinkle” where each guest shares a private but short period of time with the mom to be.

A third option, used by my niece Anna, was to hold a drive-by baby shower. Anna was a mother to be who realized the need to pivot to meet the needs of the uncertain times in which we live. Our entire family celebrated with a drive-by baby shower. Decorations were moved from inside to outdoors, allowing guests to view them from their cars. The procession of vehicles allowed guests time to drop off their gifts, as well as hop out of their cars for a mask-wearing socially distant picture with the expectant mom. It wasn’t typical by any means, but it allowed us to engage in a celebration of August Sir Williams Holland, who arrived on August 20th, and for that we are grateful.

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