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Amplify Your Brand

Amplify Your Brand

During Odyssey Day, Vaneese Johnson delved into the specifics of career development and gave our ladies tangible advice on how to reach the next level in their professional development. Vaneese's goal was to teach attendees "how to be bold, big, and bad while you amplify your personal brand and propel your career," and she certainly delivered.

Of the many things discussed, she took the time to focus on giving tangible advice on how to amplify your brand. Here are 3 steps:

  1. Treat your career like a business. You are your own company. Keep yourself out of the "commodity zone" and delve into the value that you bring to the marketplace. Understanding your value leads to understanding your "why", or your mission. This will not only help in adding value, but also help re-energize you during stressful times, and assist in maintaining a concrete vision and career path.
  2. Leverage your professional brand. This can mean curating your professional history and focusing on the skill sets that will help you get to your desired destination. Focus on the parts you desire to leverage and emphasize those.
  3. Create a professional marketing plan. This should consist of the skills you bring to the marketplace, the audience you want to serve, and also branding activities that deal with self-promoting. Focus on what you've contributed to organizations, whether that be internal processes, or leadership strategies, or talent development.

Vaneese believes that "the world of work has changed and it demands a different type of professional, and especially a different type of professional woman." It is our goal here at Odyssey to help develop those women and cultivate the skills necessary to help you get to the next level. As Veneese aptly said: "We want you to step into the next level and lead boldly."

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