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Gloria Mayfield Banks “Energy In Motion”

Gloria Mayfield Banks “Energy In Motion”

“There’s nothing more powerful than your ambition.”

Although she grew up dyslexic, Gloria Mayfield Banks graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and later from Harvard University with a Master’s of Business Administration. Because reading was so difficult, school was always challenging, but she met the challenges, overcame them, and eventually achieved more than she thought was possible. 

Gloria has a high energy persona, and an inspirational teaching style, which is why she is known as “Energy in Motion.” Over the years, she has trained professionals on six continents to achieve new levels of success for themselves. In her book Quantum Leaps she shares the 10 Steps to Help You Soar!

Watch her video and add some WOW to your day when you hear what Gloria had to say at Odyssey Day.

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