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A Salute to Black Wall Street

A Salute to Black Wall Street

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A Legacy and Tradition of Wealth Building

In the first episode we highlight the men and women of Black Wall Street. These men and women, the children of slaves and sharecroppers, understood that financial success is not about where you start, but ultimately where you end up. Their example demonstrates the power of money as a tool for security.  One hundred years later, it is clear that these principles of sound management and investment still resonate for new generations that have an even better footing than their ancestors.  Join us for the premiere on May 31, 8pm EST. 

Featured Speakers

Linda Spradley Dunn

CEO/ Founder
Odyssey Media

Carmen Fields hosts the show “Higher Ground” for WHDH-TV Channel 7 in Boston

Carmen Fields

Television Show Host
WHDH-TV Channel 7 Boston, Massachusetts

Lata Reddy - prudential

Lata Reddy

SVP, Inclusive Solutions, Prudential & Chair, The Prudential Foundation

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