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Odyssey Media is proud to announce our election clock. Alerts, articles and most importantly what you can do personally to help restore our fragile democracy.

North Carolina Absentee Ballot

North Carolina Rejects More Black Voters’ Mail-In Ballots than Whites

Right now many are unfamiliar with the process for mail-in voting and when mistakes are made ballots are rejected. The racial gap in rejected ballots is a problem and it…

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Motivational Monday with Linda Clemons

Linda Clemons – Body Language Expert

Linda Clemons is one of the most respected sales and body language experts in the world today. She is the CEO of Sisterpreneur, Inc., an international business organization to empower…
African American woman ride sharing with cell phone

Ride Shares and Covid-19

We took an uber to the airport. The driver had tried his best to create a divider with a plastic shield but we could not breathe without letting down the…


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